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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Wiggles - then and now.

We first went to a Wiggles concert in the second half of 1993.  DS20 was about 18 months old and we sat on the floor in the Town Hall.  We lived in Emerald at the time.  It was before the mining boom hit properly.  We had Thursday night shopping but nothing after midday on Saturday!  Tickets were a huge $5.00 each and the place rocked.  We bought a Dorothy tail.

This week I bought Wiggles tickets once again.  I must admit that I did venture into the world of The Wiggles last year, but I just can't class it as a 'real' concert because there was no Greg.  It was fabulous, but without Greg Wiggle it just wasn't the same.  So, come December, we are off to Boondal with the 3 1/2 year old Neice and the 18 month old Nephew for the final series of concerts with the four original members.  I got pre-sale tickets, which I had to pay extra for (who knew) at the grand old price of $54.44.  Hugely inflated since 1993, but well worth the extra 15 odd dollars.  We are in the front seat.  Did you get that - THE FRONT SEAT!!!!!  Aunty Kerriann is very excited.  Last year at the concert Annabelle told me that it was the best surprise ever.  Let's hope that Annabelle and Fynlay think so this year.  Although, it really won't matter, because I will be in the front seat!!! 

Who'd of thunk, that 19 years ago, sitting on the cold hard floor of the Emerald Town Hall that The Wiggles would be at the Boondall Entertainment Centre.  After, touring Australia many, many times and even venturing to the good ol US of A?  So, Greg, Anthony, Murray and Jeff - Well done from this SAHM.  Congratulations for entertaining kids around the world for 2 decades. 

And, just for those you know what I'm talking about - I am guilty of having owned a Cockraoches cassette......

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  1. I'm not familiar with The Wiggles, my ds is 30 & dd 28 so this was past their young years. sounds like a fun time and whoo-hoo on getting front seats!!!! Great blog. Love your background!!!!