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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Just another Day

Anyone who knows me reasonably well knows that I have a little issue with matching things.  Take this morning for example - I was off to the gym wearing grey and orange.  Orange socks to match the stripe in the t-shirt.  Thanks to for having a recent sale I now have joggers to go with most of my gym outfits, so the shoes were orange and white.
This leads on to the big issue of the moment.  The background here is that, as a single Mum I used to treat myself with matching bra and knickers.  I knew they were there even if no-one else did.  This has turned into OCD and I have been known to stay home because I did not 'match.  Now that I am becoming a gym junkie I realised that my 14D's needed to supported properly.  The dilema - where do you buy matching sports bras and knickers?  They need to be more than just the same colour, so any suggestions would be great.

Off to iron, now that the washing up is done and the chocolate brownies are cooling......

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