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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Just another day - in paradise....

I have had an interesting week so far.  One of those weeks where you are busy all the time but nothing seems to get done.


This morning I got the best news that I have had for ages.  From DS20.  Before I get into it I will explain something.  I love him dearly, hell, sometimes I even like him.  He finished school at 15 ½ at the end of year 10 and went straight into an apprenticeship.  When he was about 17, after a lot of thought and a lot of anxiety we asked him to leave home.  This wasn't on bad terms - he upset the whole house and one of us would have ended up in a small room, either with bars or padded walls.  Since then he has moved back twice.  Mind you, as soon as he was out the door I turned his bedroom into an office, so he sleeps on the couch when he is here.  Doesn’t stop him coming here....  But what is worse than him being back for periods of time in between houses is that he turns up regularly.  Like, 5 or 6 nights a week.  Like half the weekend.  And sleeps on my couch.  In my lounge room.  In front of my TV.  And he works a lot of night shift.  Are you seeing the picture?


So, it seems that he will be leaving the big smoke that he loves so much and moving to Central Queensland to work for the opposition.  Now I know that I will miss him like crazy when he is gone.  But for the moment, all I am seeing is a vacant lounge, the TV on what I want to watch and lovely evenings when DH is away working, DS16 ½ is out, which is most nights, and me, on my couch with a glass of wine and watching one of my TV shows, and no-one walking in the front door unexpectedly.  Bliss!!!!!!


On another note, I have spent part of the week scrapbooking.  Yes, I am a dag and I scrap.  I needed to buy some stuff for a project that I am doing from a place on the Gold Coast.  They have classes, so I thought that if I am driving down that I might as well make it worthwhile.  Tracy from is going to be my new best friend.  She runs a little place from her home and specialises in charms.  You know that feeling when you just click with someone.  Well, I got that.  And, she had the crime channel on her TV in the background.  This is my sort of woman.  Seriously, Tracy, if you are reading this – I am not a stalker.  I just felt that I was ‘at home’.  Scrapping is pretty personal in a lot of ways, and I think I have finally found the classes that ‘fit’ me.  Here are the two layouts that I did.  They were fun, and relatively quick and I will be back!


So, after all the excitement this week I am off to drop boys at school, go the gym and then come home and get my house in order.  Roll on Friday afternoon I say......

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