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Friday, 24 August 2012

The making of a not so brown house....

On Wednesday I delved into another world.  The world of interior design.  The brown house needs some TLC and we would like it to be, basically, not so brown.  After some 'discussions' with the DIDO Husband, I decided that I needed some help.  We need to blend my ecclectic, kitcsh with his streamlined and modern.  He wants to get someone in to tell us what to do.  I decided that I would learn how to do it all myself.  Not the work - just how to put it all together.

So, on Wednesday, after dropping kids at school, and picking up parts, I arrived at DIY Designer.  You can check them out at  The girls here are going to bring my 'inner creativeness' to the forefront and I am going to redesign the interior of my house.  Who knew there were so many things to consider???  At the moment I am carrying around a tea-towel that has colours that I think I would like to use.  I am thinking (and this is sure to change) of lots of white and beige, with some green and purple.  Interesting, I know. 

On another note, we are getting our monthly visitors this weekend.  Not what any of you are thinking.  We have my neice and nephew to stay one weekend a month.  They are 3 and 1.  This gives my Sister and Brother-In-Law a break and two nights of unbroken sleep.  We get a messy house and lots of fun.  Today we are visiting the art gallery because Annabelle's Daddy told her that Uncle Kerrian would take her.  They have a kids thing at the moment about wild things. 

I have stocked the fridge and pantry with the sort of food that they like to eat.  Lots of special treats.  Tomorrow we will do some baking, because that is what Annabelle likes to do.  Fyn likes to follow the animals around.  And put little things into strange places.  Goodness only knows what we will be like when Grandkids come along.......

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